Finding the perfect venue doesn’t have to be stressful.

Less stress, more yes. We provide you with all the tools you need to feel confident booking your dream venue.

We get it!
We were in your shoes what feels like yesterday.

You’re on an absolute high after getting engaged, but all that excitement can quickly fade and turn to stress once you sit down to actually start planning your wedding.

Whether you’re wanting a grand, elaborate celebration or a small gathering with your closest friends and family, the planning process starts out the same.

Step 1? Find a venue.

Why we do what we do.

Because of YOU (cheesy, we know)

But seriously, you are at the core of why we do what we do. Searching for a venue was the hardest part of our wedding planning experience, and our goal is to change that for you. Booking a wedding venue shouldn’t take hours and hours of calling and emailing countless venues just to see if they are in your price range and even have the day you want to get married available. (You should have seen all the spreadsheets we had just trying to keep track of everything!)

Revolutionizing the wedding industry

It’s time to revolutionize the wedding industry–we will give you endless options, transparent pricing, and access to venue availability so you can feel confident to make the best decision for YOU.

Say hello to VMS and goodbye to spreadsheets

With years of planning and a lot of support from local venues, we’ve created the only online wedding venue finder designed specifically to help you find the best venue based on your needs and wants. Say goodbye to unnecessary spreadsheets and hello to Venues Made Simple, your new wedding venue management tool!

Meet the visionaries behind Venues Made Simple.

We’re the Pavalones, and our goal is to simplify the life of engaged couples just like you by providing the tools you need to find and book the wedding venue of your dreams!

In March of 2020, when the news of the global pandemic shocked the world, it sent engaged couples all over into extreme #panicmode, including us. We were supposed to get married in May 2020, but ended up tying the knot wayyyyy differently than planned in September 2020.

Life happens, plans change, and we knew there had to be a better and more simplified way to communicate and book a wedding venue –

especially for more non-traditional brides and grooms (I’m looking at you, destination weddings and elopers!).

Feel like you’re jumping through hoops just to get the simple information you know EVERYONE NEEDS in order to plan their own wedding? We did, and now we’re here to change that!

Get to know us (I promise, we're just like you!)

Jessie: Pizza!!

Jeff: Bone-in buffalo wings

Jessie: Hanging out with Jeff and our 3 dogs: Rocco, Sage, and Kona

Jeff: Doing anything outside – go on a hike or a bike ride with our friends

Jessie: Bora Bora

Jeff: Amalfi Coast

Jessie: Spicy, jalapeño margarita with salt!

Jeff: Smoked old fashioned

Jessie: Friends or New Girl

Jeff: Anything football

Jessie: Open an animal shelter

Jeff: Write a book for entrepreneurs

So... which are you?

Somehow you’ve landed yourself onto our website (glad that you did!) and now that you’ve read up on who we are and what we stand for, let us help move you onto the next step. But if you’re just here perusing for fun, that’s cool too!